Strength Tip #2

When choosing a kettlebell, pick a weight that is heavy enough to feel the big exercises like cleans and snatches. Going to light will prevent you from learning proper whole-body technique. Most men should start with no less than 50 pounds; women should try at least 25 pounds

About Dave Bellomo

Dave Bellomo has worked in a variety of positions in the fitness management field including: corporate wellness, personal training, and program design for amateur and professional athletes. Bellomo has written numerous articles on fitness and strength training and has produced several videos as well as the book, Kettlebell Training for Athletes (McGraw-Hill, 2010). He continues to consult with high-level athletes such as mixed martial artists, strongman competitors, and elite military and law enforcement professionals such as members of Homeland Security and US Special Operations. Bellomo is available for seminars and can be contacted through his website,
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