Squat Pull Challenge by Chris Lancaster

The 6 Week Squat Pull Challenge

I recently discovered (meaning I finally tried it, Coach Davies gets the credit) this gem, and have been blasting it ever since.  If you are not doing it, shame on you.  This challenge will incrementally increase your cardio, and the stopping point is up to you.  

            Materials: one heavy bell, with a fat handle if possible.

            Exercise: of course the squat pull. 

Execution: This is a two arm drill.  Grab the handle, and pop the hips up, letting the bell float to the chin.  It has been advised that you try to do these in front of a mirror.  I suspect that the reason has to do with decreasing dental bills.  There is no aggressive pull with the arms.  It should feel like the bell, no matter what the weight, is floating up.  I actually leave the ground briefly on this, and drive up very explosively. 

It is important that you select a weight that is challenging right now for 10×10 with 60-90s rest pds.  Also, and be brutally honest, keep a record of the rest pds, and ALWAYS try to reduce these or keep them constant, while increasing reps from one week to the next.  Here it is: 

Week one: 10×10. 

Week two: 11×11.  

Week three: 12×12. 

Week four: 13×13. 

Week five: 14×14.      

Week six: 15×15. 

I would hit one of these each week, in addition to a low volume press workout, and a moderate volume session of snatches and cleans.  The point is to save the high volume for the goal.  Keep some gas in the tank.  Imagine if you went from 10×10, all the way to say, 20×20, with the same rest breaks!!  With careful planning, it’s possible. 

 How I tripled my reps on the 2 handed swing in 3 weks 

Let me outline this briefly: using the 145#, I started with 13 two arm swings.  My goal and experiment thereafter was to add one to two reps each and every time I tried.  Result?  There were times when I tried daily, other times every other day, or every four days or so.  I ended up at 38 reps (okay fine, almost tripled), three weeks later.  Every rep was to the low chest, or not counted.  The hips must snap through explosively.  Do not actively jerk the bell with the arms, or it will be to the Chiropractor for you.  Satisfied, I stopped.  I believe that anybody can do this, seriously.  As a result of this increase, my snatches and double cleans improved automatically.  Try this.  Another application would be the squat pull.

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